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        Company Profile

        • Seven Ocean Metrology (Shen Zhen) Co.,Ltd was established in New York in 1990 under the former name “Seven Ocean Photoelectricity”.In 1999 a video measuring machine R&D Center was established in Dongguan, it was the first international trademark in video measuring machine production in China.“Seven Ocean Photoelectricity” has won many awards in science and innovation given by the government, took out many patents in video measuring technologies and was technical leader in the video measurement field.
        • Its products have been widely used in communication, electronics, automobile, plastics & rubber, mechanic processing and other industries; it can provide customized products and solutions quickly according to special requirements of customers, it is one of leading providers in video measuring machines and will lead video measuring industry in China to reach new highs continuously.
          From 1999 until today:


        • First domestic video coordinate machine which can compete with imported trademark;
        • First video coordinate machine using electric driving CNC auto measuring technology which can compete with imported trademark;
        • First raster-free operating platform implemented with pure software functions (patents  of many countries), first solve Abbe Error and Delay Error and other mechanical errors which cannot be solved by most manufacturers;
        • First patented virtual clamp, which allow accurate matrix measurement, ring array measurement and secondary programming measurement even when your clamps are not standard ones;
        • First manufacturer implementing true 3D video function with Z-axis compensation principle and solving accuracy error due to internal stress;
        • First manufacturer implementing accurate height measurement function (patent) with multi-lens linkage, this technology solved former problems in quick and accurate height measurement as the first manufacturer worldwide.;
        • First manufacturer implementing dead-angle free rotation lighting (patent) technology, which leads to the ability to take various difficult optical measurements. 
        • Since 2001 when “Seven Ocean Photoelectricity” is part of the Hexagon Metering Group it utilizes resource and technical advantages of Hexagon under its new name “Seven Ocean Metrology”
        • Expenses on R&D were enhanced and international enterprise management strategies adopted to introduce (the latest technologies) advanced mechanical/electronic technologies, measurement technologies, head and new control technologies, software, sensor and other new technologies. ( to many components)
        • "Seven Ocean Metrology (Shen Zhen) Co.,Ltd” invents new efficient and reliable optical video measurement products with a maximum price-performance ratio for customers in China and all over the world.
        • It is Hexagon Metering Group’s third modern production and R&D center combining R&D, production and sales services, subsequent to two existing production bases in China. 
        • "Seven Ocean Metrology (Shen Zhen) Co.,Ltd” has new bright future due to ten years successful experience and resource advantages provided by Hexagon Metering Group.


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